Surgical Exposure of Impacted Teeth

Most of the time your permanent teeth erupt into the mouth when and where they should. However, a tooth or teeth can become blocked, or impacted. If the tooth is important for your optimal treatment your orthodontist may recommend that it be surgically uncovered and an orthodontic attachment be placed. This usually involves a minor procedure performed under anesthesia. Once done, the orthodontist can guide the tooth into the mouth using your braces.

Sometimes we develop extra, or supernumerary, teeth. These teeth are almost always buried, or impacted. They can therefore cause problems with orthodontic care since they would block the desired orthodontic movement of teeth. In addition, just as with impacted wisdom teeth, they can cause a variety of problems ranging from damage to nearby teeth to cyst formation and periodontal concerns. In these instances they are removed surgically, often under the guidance of advanced in-office CT scans.